Interior Design Full Service

The process of creating the perfect space can vary individually, but generally includes the following steps:

1. Initial conversation

In an initial meeting (by phone or in person) you will get to know me, my working methods and my approach. We discuss your needs and define the next steps.

2. Initiation and needs analysis

We start with a detailed conversation. Through various questions I try to understand your needs, requirements, preferences and especially your style. Budget, time line, and other important factors can also be discussed at this time.

If possible, I will also visit the existing premises during this phase of the project. I will assess criteria such as natural light, room function and orientation, as these elements are crucial for the design. The insights gained will be incorporated in the later design to ensure a harmonious spatial arrangement.

3. Proposal

Following the needs analysis, I will provide you with an individual proposal outlining the costs, efforts and rough timeline.

4. Vision and initial design

Based on the information gathered from the needs analysis, I develop a vision and a rough concept for your space.
This includes:

  • selection of the design style
  • creation of mood boards, color palettes and sources of inspiration

The aim is to give you an idea of how the finished space will look.

5. Concept

After approval of the initial design concept, I will work on a comprehensive interior design concept, optionally including 3D visualizations. During this phase, I will plan the furniture layout, lighting and propopse a cohesive material and color scheme as well as suggest textiles and accessories. To add a personal touch to the concept, I am happy to integrate existing furniture and/or heirlooms.

6. Presentation / feedback / adjustments

The presentation of your personalized interior design concept marks the end of the design phase. I welcome your feedback on my designs and proposed aesthetics and make necessary adjustments accordingly. The goal is to ensure that my interior design concept fully meets your expectations.

Interior Design Moodboard


  • Expertise and knowledge from 20 years of experience
  • Unique and customized interior design
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Stress reduction through external planning, coordination and implementation of your project


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Interior Design Full Service

Optional additional services

7. Implementation and project management

Upon confirmation of the interior design concept, I am available to assist you with the implementation and project management. I will gather quotes from furniture stores, craftsmen and other parties and organize material sampling if required. Once you approve the quotes, I will coordinate all parties involved to ensure that your interior design project is completed on time and according to your requirements. You can rely on me to handle the process efficiently and smoothly.

8. Finalization and aftercare

Upon completition of the project, we will review the premises together and ensure that everything meets your expectations.

Complementary services

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