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My expertise for your building or renovation project

If you are currently in the buildign process or are in the design phase with your architect, I will be happy to assist you in selecting the right materials that will later fit into your interior design concept.

Together we will consider which materials, colours and finishes align with your desired style and ambience. Whether it’s flooring, wall coverings, tile or other elements, I’ll help you make the best decisions.

Furthermore, I’ll be happy to provide guidance on the positioning of electrical connections, power outlets and light switches.

I take account of your needs and requirements to ensure optimal placement and find a practical and aesthetic solution.

Consultation on kitchen and bathroom planning

I’m also available to assist you in the planning of your kitchen or bathroom. Together we will discuss which materials, fixtures and equipment elements are best suited for your kitchen and bathroom.

With my experience and knowledge I will help you achieve a functional and appealing design.

My goal is to provide you with professional support and valuable input during these crucial phase of the construction process. Ensuring, that your project, including future interior design considerations, is successfully implemented according to your vision.


Complementary services

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