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Designing your outdoor area

If you need assistance in designing your outdoor space, I’ll be happy to assist you.

Together, we will develop ideas that consider your personal tastes, needs and the characteristics of your property. I emphasize harmonious integration of plants, materials, hardscape elements and furniture to create an appealing and functional outdoor area.

Benefit from my extensive network and experience in garden planning

In addition to my personal recommendations for selecting the appropriate outdoor furniture, I work closely with gardeners and landscape architects to collaboratively develop a customized concept for your outdoor space.

Whether you want a cozy terrace, a blooming garden, a modern Zen garden or a practical play area for children – we will create a concept that aligns with your vision. Aspects such as plant selection, planting schemes, pathways, lighting and more will be carefully considered.

My goal is to create an outdoor area where you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. With my expertise and network, I’m here to assist you in transforming your garden or terrace into a relaxing oasis.


Complementary services

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